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Rail-thin teens blasting automatic weapons; a police raid on a decrepit modernist housing project; a Fellini-esque bulldozer chugging along an otherwise empty beach at sunset – these images from Matteo Garrone's unforgettable crime drama GOMORRAH will swirl in your mind's eye for days. Based on the internationally acclaimed book by Roberto Saviano who is still in hiding with a death threat on his head from the Camorrah. Winner of Grand Prix at Cannes, Italy's Oscar (R) entry, winner of best film, director, actor and screenplay at the European Film Awards; winner of Spirit Award and Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for best foreign film. Stripping every last pretense of romanticism from the Godfather Trilogy. – Schaefer, BOSTON HERALD. "A furious and brilliant engagement with the times we live in." A.O. Scott, NY TIMES. "A corrosive and ferociously unsentimental fictional look at Italian organized crime" – Dargis, NY TIMES. From IFC Films.
Starring Salvatore Abruzzese, Simone Sacchettino, Salvatore Ruocco
Director Matteo Garrone