Good Thief
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Detroit is beset by a rash of missing young women in this crime noir thriller about three small-time thieves plying their trade in a corrupt world. Charismatic outcast and petty criminal DANNY believes he’s destined for the big time, along with his loyal partner JOHNNY, an aspiring intellectual… but they’ve been on a losing streak. Danny’s main girl, PENNY, convinces him a baseball card heist at HONEST ABE’s Pawn Shop would be a home run, and FELIX, a local Detroit fence, is waiting in the wings with $150K for the cards. CARL, an enigmatic getaway driver with an uncanny ability to both steal cars and evade cops, joins the crew after barely passing Danny’s “honesty test”. The heist launches “Honest Abe” into a macabre catechism about baseball history, and the small-time trio are finally in the big-leagues when psychosis strikes and it’s revealed Abe is Detroit’s elusive serial killer…
Starring Peter Donahue, Shomari Giles, Robert Laenen
Director Lance Kawas