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Nanki (Kiara Advani) is a stellar college student when GUILTY begins. An iconoclastic young woman, Nanki is a brilliant, beautiful songwriter in her senior year at St. Martin's, a university in New Delhi. After a drug and alcohol-fueled campus party, Nanki's boyfriend, Vijay (Gurfatch Pirzada), is accused of rape by Tanu (Akansh Ranji Kapoor), a young woman at St. Martin's on scholarship. It's clear to everyone that Tanu had a passionate crush on Vijay and seemed intent upon seducing him. When she identifies Vijay as a rapist, confidence in her story is low. The adored son of a rich, famous politician, and leader of the band that Nanki writes music for, Vijay denies the allegations with vehemence. Nanki is Vijay's most ardent supporter. Interviews conducted by Danish (Taher Shabbir), the lawyer hired to lead Vijay's defense, Nanki's commitment, and the accused's family's fervent advocacy, unfortunately, cannot stop the rising support Tanu begins to pull together on her behalf. In the ensuing conflict, stories are changed, complex issues emerge, secrets are uncovered, and the stakes build to an inescapable and an unsettling conclusion.
Starring Kiara Advani, Manu Rishi
Director Ruchi Narain