Güvercin Uçuverdi
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Güvercin Uçuverdi: "Hop Flew the Dove", is the story of a public bus driver Yüksel Güvercin (Dove) who has wanted to be a pilot all his life, but has failed to become one. Yüksel lives with his mom, who became blind in an accident years ago. His mother thinks her son has become a pilot and wants to fly by his side when she finally can see again. With his mother’s eye surgery merely days away, Yüksel has to become a pilot as soon as possible in order to cover up his white lie. Yüksel’s other predicament is to marry Sema, his one and only love, but there are great obstacles in his way. Sema’s father does not permit them to marry. Instead he wants Turgut as his son-in-law, Yüksel’s arch rival, and a co-pilot for years. This struggle leads Yüksel into a fun adventure filled with surprises.
Starring Atalay Demirci, Ali Erkazan, Aysen Gruda
Director Selami Genli, Onur Kocal