Gym Teacher
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Davie Stewie was America's hope for gold in the 1988 Seoul Games - until he ran face-first into the vault. After suffering humiliation on a global scale, Dave eventually faded into obscurity and became a gym teacher. When the President announces a national gym class fitness competition, Dave believes the moment has finally come to redeem himself. There's only one thing standing in the way; a helmet-wearing, injury fearing, athletically-adverse new student named Roland. And to top it all off, Dave has a growing crush on the school's new teacher who turns out to be Roland's mom. What's a coach to do? In order to win the competition and avenge his defeats, Dave must turn Roland into an athletic competitor. Will they win the gold or get laughed off the mats?
Starring Christopher Meloni, Nathan Kress, Amy Sedaris
Director Paul Dinello