Ham and Cheese
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Warren Sonoda's Ham and Cheese enters the world of unknown actors looking to make it big, following the ups, downs and real, real lows of two struggling actors, Richard and Barry, as they try to make it in the cruel world of showbiz. Without an ounce of talent between the two of them and their only strength being persistence, they'll do almost anything to attain their dream, except let it go. They endure near-naked auditions, horrible television shoots, a surreal fringe theatre troupe and various jobs including dressing up like a walrus and cutting fish, all for the elusive glory of stardom. Join Kids in the Hall alumni Dave Foley and Scott Thompson, along with a superb cast who keep the fun flowing in the laugh out loud look at the screwed up dreams of some of the worst actors in the world.
Starring Mike Beaver, Jason Jones, Samantha Bee
Director Warren P. Sonoda