Hansel & Gretel
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An all-star and award-winning cast, led by Oscar-nominee and Golden Globe-winner Lynn Redgrave ("Gods and Monsters," "Shine") and Emmy-nominated Delta Burke ("What Women Want," TV's "Designing Women"), brings this award-winning adaptation to the screen of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale. When their beloved father leaves home for the city, Hansel & Gretel's scheming stepmother (Burke) leaves them in the magic forest, but they find help in the form of the Sandman (Howie Mandel TV's "Spinning Out of Control," "Howie"), a Wood Faerie, a Forest Troll (Bobcat Goldthwait "Scrooged," "Police Academy 2 - 4"), the Boogeyman (Tom Arnold "Exit Wounds," "True Lies"), a street-wise Raven (Sinbad "Good Burger," "Jingle All The Way") and a Wicked Witch (Redgrave) who really likes kids - as her main course!
Starring Taylor Momsen, Jacob Smith, Delta Burke
Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe