Happily Ever After
A quintessentially French film about love, lust, life, and the challenges of monogamy. Revolving around the central couple Vincent and Gabrielle (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who seem to have an idyllic life. However, Vincent has been cheating on Gabrielle, and she knows it. The problem is not that Vincent doesn't love her anymore or that he no longer lusts for her, but that he does. It's just that he happens to love his mistress as well... Meanwhile Gabrielle (unbeknownst to Vincent) embarks on a fling with a mysterious man she meets in a record store (played by Johnny Depp speaking perfect French). Vincent's friend Georges, on the other hand, has always been faithful to his wife, but seems to have tired of her and their son. What he thinks he wants, but doesn't have the courage to go out and get, is the kind of life Fred, a playboy buddy of his, has created for himself. That is to say; no commitments and a different girlfriend seemingly every night. It is a life that Fred though is tiring of, and turning his attention to the pursuit of monogamy. Then there are Vincent's parents, a couple who have been married and presumably faithful to each other for 40 years, but who heartbreakingly have nothing to say to each other at the dinner table. Finally, George's neighbors, a husband and wife of 15 years, yet still so in love it's disgusting.
Starring Yvan Attal, Alain Chabat, Alain Cohen
Director Yvan Attal