Happy Cat: The Movie - The Ultimate Cat Sitter
This is a revolutionary new 60 minute program filmed especially for the modern cat in order to keep him amused and occupied in the comfort of his own living room while his owners are away. Owners need never feel guilty about leaving their cuddly kitty home alone ever again…kitty will have a purr-fectly great time with his/her very own video program – the ultimate in Cat TV! There are some excellent, positive benefits for your cat as he watches, especially if your cat is exclusively a house cat. “Happy Cat: The Movie” is vital therapy for indoor cats or those left at home who miss their owners. Cats need and enjoy mental exercise and tend to focus on these types of activities with their owners. When left at home alone regularly, they can become bored, lonely and frustrated. Even the best owners can forget about their cat's mental well-being. “Happy Cat: The Movie” can make all the difference to any cat’s quality of life in the modern world. Your cat will enjoy: Exciting visual games; stimulating images of various birds, fish, insects and rodents; warm, comforting visuals of fellow furry felines. Also, the audio track is geared toward your cat’s unique hearing range. Turn this on and your cat will be mesmerized - and a Happy Cat indeed!
Starring Various Cats