Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars
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HARRIET "THE SPY" WELSCH is determined to become her class blogger. Competing against her supreme nemesis - the very popular Marion Hawthorne - Harriet sets out to do whatever it takes for the honor. So when Harriet's father, movie producer Roger Welsch signs a deal to make a sequel to the smash hit teen-musical, 'SPY TEEN,' Harriet senses her perfect opportunity. Harriet, despite her disdain for him and everything he represents, decides to blog about Skander Hill, the movie's popular teen heartthrob. Embarking on a mission to spy on Skander and unearth any embarrassing secrets she can find, Harriet, with the help of her best friends Sport and Janie, manages to turn Skander's every misstep into fodder for her postings. As Harriet nourishes the school's feeding frenzy by leading her readers to believe she knows Skander personally, a jealous Marion challenges Harriet to prove it. Desperate to save face and win her dream role as class blogger, Harriet sneaks onto the film's set and poses as a dancer to get closer to Skander. When Skander recognizes Harriet as the shadowy figure that's been spying on him, he throws a tantrum in front of everyone, and all seems lost for Harriet. However, being the spy that she is, Harriet has captured the entire episode on her mobile phone and in a moment of impulse and frustration posts it on the school blog. But when a vengeful Marion uploads the video on the Internet, the result is a complete catastrophe. Harriet's world quickly begins to crumble as does Skander's career, putting the entire film in jeopardy. Now with her father's film production and her friendships at risk, Harriet, as only she can, must somehow find a way to swallow her pride, confess her involvement in the scandal and make amends before it's all too late.
Starring Jennifer Stone, Kristin Booth, Aislinn Paul
Director Ron Oliver