Hell Mountain
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When her friends, Eden and Sean, volunteer to investigate an abandoned house Josie was researching for a news story, they see an opportunity to star in their own 'found footage' horror movie. Hardly taking any of it seriously, they are unaware that every step they take begins to open a door into Josie's own cloudy and mysterious past, dragging her down into an inescapable madness that is fittingly bookended with clips from Dwain Esper's 1936 cult masterpiece Maniac. The playful quips turn to screams revealing a startling revelation about Josie's own destiny and when a trio of local teens step into the house on a dare, the old adage 'no one gets out of here alive' becomes startlingly relevant.
Starring Catherine Lidstone, Taylor Dooley, Megan Collaso
Director Jesse Pomeroy