Hello Stranger: The Movie
Six months after Xavier’s (Tony Labrusca) grand gesture of love for Mico (JC Alcantara), the two cross paths again at a writing camp almost as if nothing has happened. The tension is palpable as they run in circles through unspoken words and stolen glances, slowly revealing how the two fell apart over the break. Xavier tiptoes around Mico, while the latter begins to accept Xavier's rekindled romance with his ex-girlfriend. As luck would have it, Xavier and Mico end up being roommates. They then get the chance to clear the air between them and agree to become friends again. However, the emotions they feel about each other are much too strong to bear, making them confused whether to hold on or to let go. Soon, Xavier contemplates on telling his girlfriend the truth, while Mico finds an interesting company in the book author he idolizes. With broken hearts and unfulfilled promises, Xavier and Mico strive to find the courage to get their second chance to keep themselves from going back to being strangers. "Hello, Stranger: The Movie" is the film sequel of the web series of the same title.
Starring Tony Labrusca, JC Alcantara, Vivoree Esclito
Director Dwein Baltazar