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The story opens with Grace mid telephone conversation with her long distance boyfriend Chris. The pair try their best to salvage their relationship but the strain is too much for Chris. The scene ends with Chris breaking up with Grace while she is left alone. We see her flick through two names in her phone book, Ed and Liv. Grace embarks on a car journey through the idyllic English countryside. Half of her mind is on the road and the other half is on something far deeper. This almost causes a fatal collision with a jogger. Grace composes herself and eventually reaches a perfect looking modern country home. She is apprehensive about announcing her arrival. It is here we are introduced to David - a local who is Ed & Liv’s neighbour. Eventually Grace enters the house and is united with her friend Liv and her boyfriend Edward. Grace has used Edwards birthday as a reason to ‘drop in’ on them. All is well and the couple invite Grace to stay for the weekend. Dinners, country walks and reminiscent conversations soon take a turn as Grace suspects something darker is going on in the house.
Starring Emily Redpath, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Louis James
Director Blake Ridder