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With a box of worthless war bonds, an old man hired the King of Killers to assassinate a Japanese trade lord. In WWII, the trade lord's action had caused grave damage to the family of the King of Killers. He agrees to take the job and delivers in a few days. The Revenge Fund set up by the trade lord kicks in. Whoever avenges the trade lord's death, killing the killer and the force behind him, will receive a reward of $1 billion. The police assigns Inspector to watch the killers, with orders to leave them room when they kill each other. Among the killers vying for the reward are Fu, a new immigrant, and his agent, Wong a longtime loser trying to score a big one riding on Fu's coat-tail. After an elaborately orchestrated chain of events, Wong and Fu manage to accomplish their goal.
Starring Jet Li, Eric Tsang, Simon Yam
Director Stephen Tung Wai