Horn From the Heart: The Paul Butterfield Story
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Horn From The Heart tells the complex story of the legendary blues musician Paul Butterfield. A tough white kid from Chicago’s South Side, Butterfield learned the blues from the original masters. The interracial Paul Butterfield Blues Band formed in the early 60s added a rock edge to the Chicago blues, striking a chord with the white rock audiences of the 60s and beyond, and rejuvenating worldwide interest in the blues. The only artist to perform at the major music festivals of the 60s - Newport Folk (1965), Monterey Pop (1967) and Woodstock (1969), Paul continued to break new musical ground incorporating horns, jazz other musical genres over the course of his career. He continued to perform and stand up for racial equality until his untimely death at age 44 of a drug overdose. Butterfield is one of a handful of musicians inducted into both the Rock & Roll and Blues Halls of Fame, alongside other legendary artists including B. B. King, Chuck Berry, Billie Holiday and Eric Clapton.
Starring Paul Butterfield, Elvin Bishop, David Sanborn
Director John Anderson