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Set entirely in and outside a rural home, Hospitality tells the story of Donna (Emmanuelle Chriqui), an ex-prostitute who has turned her brothel into a legitimate bed and breakfast after giving birth to her son Jimmy (Conner McVicker). Cam (Sam Trammell) is released from Prison and heads to the bed and breakfast, expecting a lay, but instead finds a romance. He’s also come to collect what he’s hidden there two decades prior – a bag of cash – but he’s not the only one looking for it, and it doesn’t take long for violence to erupt as Donna must protect herself and her son from Zane (JR Bourne), a crooked cop, and The Boss (Jim Beaver), a blue-collar thug, in an every-man-for-themselves fight for survival. In the vein of contained thrillers such as PANIC ROOM and BLOOD SIMPLE, directors David Guglielmo and Nick Chakwin (No Way to Live) will keep you guessing till the final frame.
Starring Emmanuelle Chriqui, Sam Trammell, JR Bourne
Director David Guglielmo, Nick Chakwin