House in Time
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After being discharged from a psychiatric institution, Dez returns to her childhood home to assume the role of caregiver for her estranged mother, who is afflicted with early-onset dementia. However, her homecoming takes a surreal turn when she stumbles upon portals that lead her back to significant moments from her past. In these enigmatic encounters, she comes face-to-face with her eight-year-old self and is forced to confront an impending childhood tragedy that sends her life spiraling downward. As time slips away, Dez becomes consumed by an all-consuming desire to rewrite the painful chapter of her childhood. Engulfed in a race against fate, she becomes locked in a relentless battle to alter her past. Yet, the question lingers: will her obsession with changing her past ultimately unravel her future?
Starring Mindy Gilkerson, Chimmie Hernandez, Scott Hix
Director Dale Neven