Hydro Soul
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Across all cultures, mankind’s universal dream is of flight... In 2011, a new sport was born: Hydroflight. Around the world, pockets of enthusiasts began to develop their skills, without much interaction with each other. In an effort to push the sport forward, ten of the most devoted and innovative riders on hydro Jetpacks and Jetblades got together in exotic Thailand, and the cameras rolled non-stop to record this historic moment in the infancy of the sport. The island of Koh Samui provided warm waters and a beautiful backdrop. This wasn’t about competition...they were free from all the drama...This was about creativity and the shared exhilaration of flight. Hydro Soul was about FLYING, and giving the riders the tools, time and freedom to explore. They came together from all parts of the USA and spent eight days flying, growing, expanding horizons and sharing ideas while highlighting the awesome attitudes and unbelievable skills.
Starring Chase Finley, Jordan Finley, Frazier Grandison
Director Patrick Graham