If You Believe
As a young girl, Suzie (Hayden Panettiere, "Nashville") was outspoken, optimistic and enjoyed causing a little mischief. But as Suzie turned into Susan, her playful and engaging personality faded through the years. Now in her early 40's, she has become a some­what bitter and cynical career woman. Little does she know that she's about to receive an unexpected visit from an old friend looking to turn back the clock and who wants to have fun in the process! After a good bump on the head trying to avoid the rush of Christmas shoppers, Susan returns home to receive her second jolt of the day: the sight of herself at six years old, little Suzie Stone. Little Suzie, more alive than ever, is not pleased with the way her life has turned out, and is going to do something about it. Becoming grown-up Susan's guide and conscience, the spunky and persistent young girl leads a determined and spirited effort to help salvage the life, career and psyche of the woman she has become. Over the next few days, Suzie chips away at Susan's hardened exterior to unearth her once likable self. Susan's little ghost reminds her of the importance of enjoying and living life to the fullest. With each bubble bath they take or ballet they see, Susan and Suzie eventually become one. And with Suzie's coaxing, Susan finally finds love and success-everything she ever wanted. This charming holiday story of how one woman finds happiness is proof that a bump on the head is a small price to pay for rediscovering one's inner child.
Starring Ally Walker, Hayden Panettiere, Tom Amandes
Director Alan Metzger