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There's something a little wild, dangerous and even kinky about Lottie Mason. That's why she's L.A.'s best undercover vice cop. And that's why she may have gone too far. Ravishing Black Widow star Theresa Russell spins another web of crime and suspense in director Sondra Locke's stylish police action thriller. Her Lottie teeters on the thin line separating her straight-arrow life as a cop from the lurid, tantalizing life of neon glitz she pretends to lead. Jeff Fahey (White Hunter, Black Heart, Machete) co-stars as the assistant D.A. whose romance with Lottie hits hard times when she becomes both suspect #1 and the next potential victim in a murder case. And George Dzundza (The Beast, No Way Out) is the police lieutenant who, if he can't get to first base with Lottie, would just as soon get her 10-to-life.
Starring Theresa Russell, Jeff Fahey, George Dzundza
Director Sondra Locke