In April
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Marcos, an architect, is an average, middle class family guy who is facing a mid-life crisis. He falls into despair after unfairly losing a court case to mega lawyers, feeling crushed by the very same system that he had faith in and had treated with integrity and honesty all of his life. But now it seems to have betrayed him, and he thus comes to a conclusion he had never wanted to believe: the system is fair only for the wealthy and powerful. In a moment of insanity, he abandons his wife and children, driving endlessly and seeking the courage he needs to put a gun to his head. If he dies he will leave a fortune to his beloved family with his life insurance policy, proving to himself that fraud is the only way to success in a world controlled by corporations and wealth instead of laws and integrity. Desperate for answers and angry at the world, he continues his plan to wait for that moment in which he will find the courage to opt for death as he keeps on driving to nowhere. On the dark, winding road to suicide and on the verge of a breakdown, Marcos becomes conscious that something strange and unpleasant is keeping him company in his car. Frightened, he checks and he finds a stowaway in his car, an eerie little girl on a different kind of journey. Either a figment of his imagination or something ghostly, she has joined him on his dark journey. To his disbelief, she is only a little girl who is lost. But is she? In April brings to light the darkest corners of the human condition – the most shadowy thoughts born in times of utter despair. It is a story about the insatiable hunger for clarity when a man is forced to come face-to-face with disturbing feelings in the depths of his existence.
Starring Carlo Bruno, Marina Bruno, Michael Earle Caza
Director Carlo Bruno