In Merry Measure
A Hallmark Channel original movie. Every year, Dayton, Ohio hosts its annual Christmas Carol Competition for local high school singing groups. Darcy, a once successful pop star with dreams of rekindling her singing career, leaves New York at the request of her sister to return home for the holidays. When her niece, Megan, is denied a spot on the school’s caroling team by Adam, the no-nonsense music teacher who coaches the team, Darcy enlists her niece and the other students who didn’t make the cut to challenge Adam’s winning squad to a sing-off in order to represent the school at the county competition. But the students realize they have a better chance at success by combining the groups, forcing the opposing coaches to set aside their differences and work together. As their two teams become one, Darcy and Adam develop from rivals into friends and, eventually, into something more.
Starring Patti Murin, Brendan Penny, Jennifer Robertson
Director Paula Elle