Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin: Retribution
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Out of the chaos of the 90’s, as Russia reeled from the failed Yeltsin years, a relatively unknown figure of small stature rose who would go on to occupy an untouchable position in a country spanning 11 timezones. Carefully and covertly situating himself within the right circles, a young Vladimir Putin emerges out of the shadows intending to revive the Soviet Union…at any cost. Military invasions, false flag operations, opposition assassinations, corrupt cabals, and a muzzled media unveils the true nature of his tyrannical reign of Russia. From the political and social climate to the manipulation of his own image, we look back over his twenty plus years in power and question, how it got to this. With detailed insight from academics and historians, retrace the moments from his past that ushered in a new form of dictator, as we go Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin.
Starring Vladimir Putin, Bülent Gökay, Guy Walters
Director Piers Garland