Inventing the Christmas Prince
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A Hallmark Channel original movie. Shelby’s daughter, Grace, has a favorite Christmas tale - a story Shelby invented years ago. The story is about Santa’s best friend, the Christmas Prince. Each year, the Christmas Prince chooses one boy or girl to be his King or Queen and then magically grants this lucky child any wish their heart desires for the 12 days leading to Christmas. Just when Shelby is about to quit her job as a rocket engineer, Grace becomes convinced her Scrooge-like boss, Evan, is the Christmas Prince and Grace is this year’s Queen. Determined not to spoil the magic of Christmas for her daughter who has been having a tough couple of years following the death of Shelby’s husband, Shelby strikes a deal with Evan: she promises not to quit if Evan promises to execute a string of seemingly impossible Christmas wishes for Grace. Evan stumbles badly on his first wish – to introduce himself as the Christmas Prince and tell a few stories about his adventures at the North Pole during a sleepover for Grace. Shelby does a few backflips to try to cover for the awkward Evan, who comically botches the storytelling, but Grace doesn’t seem to notice and quickly falls for the handsome Prince, aka Evan. After granting a several more wishes, Shelby too starts to realize her uptight, antisocial boss is actually more of an introverted genius… with a surprisingly big heart who just might heal her own broken heart as well. But just when Shelby falls for Evan, it looks like he might return to his old workaholic ways and spoil the most important wish for Grace – filling in for Grace’s father at the school Christmas Dance. Will Grace discover that the Christmas Prince is a mere mortal which will crush her Christmas joy and innocence? And will Shelby risk her own heart as Evan struggles to win back Grace’s affection and his newborn love for Shelby?
Starring Tamera Mowry–Housley, Ronnie Rowe, Isabel Birch
Director Paul Ziller