Irupatham Noottandu
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The story is about Sagar Alias Jacky (Mohanlal) and his accomplice Sekharankutty (Suresh Gopi). Ashwathy (Ambika) is a reporter for a news magazine looking to investigate the connection politics and crime in Kerala. She is drawn to the life of Sagar Alias Jacky who runs a clandestine gold smuggling business for Sekharankutty, son of the Chief Minister of the state. Jacky is an enigmatic character who stops the smuggling business from growing because of ethical issues with narcotics, and spends his personal time. Ashwathy publishes a sensational article connecting Jacky to the Chief Minister, and pushes the uneasy relationship between Sekharankutty and Jacky into an open confrontation.
Starring Mohanlal
Director K. Madhu