Is This the Real World
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Forever Young… Mark Blazey (Sean Keenan) is a high school kid who’s going to stay young …even if it kills him. Mark’s world is divided between school and home. At school he skirmishes for the respect of his friends. But the real battle is with the steely vice principal, Mr. Rickard (Greg Stone). The boy is determined to stay free. The teacher equally determined to enforce the rules. And neither is willing to back down. At home Mark is dealing with a family on the edge of collapse. His erratic mother (Susie Porter) doesn’t find nurturing all that natural. His troubled brother (Matt Colwell – 360) is dicing with the law. The bedrock of their security, the grandmother (Julia Blake) is fighting for her life. And into this already complicated world comes love; in the form of Mr. Rickard’s daughter, Kim (Charlotte Best). And love changes everything.
Starring Sean Keenan, Greg Stone, Charlotte Best
Director Martin McKenna