Island X
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“Island X” is a film about a journey to the edge of the surf map and overcoming life’s toughest setbacks. After losing his entire life’s work in a fire, internationally renowned surf photographer Mark McInnis assembles a team of surfers (Pete Devries, Noah Wegrich, and Josh Mulcoy) and sets out on a grueling mission to track down undiscovered waves on the most unlikely of islands, located in the far north, in the violent Bering Sea. His goal is to regain the inspiration that originally started him on the path of surf photography. After reaching the island, the crew meets up with a local native Alaskan—Ricardo Merculief—who has been surfing perfect, empty waves for over 10 years by himself on his family’s ancestral land. With Ricardo’s guidance, the surfers ride world class waves that challenge their understanding of what is possible in one of the harshest environments on the planet, while Mark finds the key to continue on his path of photography and overcome life’s biggest setbacks.
Starring Mark McInnis, Pete Devries, Noah Wegrich
Director Ben Weiland