Isle of Snow
Available on Red Bull TV, Prime Video
What made you start? Was it the feeling? Was it the fun? Was it the friends? Or was it the trends? Or maybe it was to go against the trends. Was it the revolution? Or an escape from the pollution? Maybe it was the freedom, or maybe it was flight. Or maybe it was getting away with it, or putting up a fight. Maybe it was all of it. Maybe it was none of it. Join us as we explore the snowboard world through the passion and perspectives of the people who live it and made it their lives. Follow their passions. Show the world the world that you want to see. Go where it’s inviting. In this journey what you focus on is what you see. Wake up and live the great day dream. What is the age limit to having fun? This land is sacred. These words are at the core of your being. This has always been about turning dreams into reality. And to those who said it wouldn’t work out, what do dreams know of boundaries? Let’s remember what snowboarding is to us and let’s arrive together. No matter which path, trail, slope or tale you took to get there, this story begins and ends with: Isle Of Snow.
Starring Nicolas Muller, Frank Bourgeois, Wolfgang Nyvelt
Director Shane Charlebois