Jem and the Holograms
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Unleash your inner superstar and dream big with Jem and the Holograms! Small-town girl Jerrica Benton (Aubrey Peeples) leads an unexceptional life with her three sisters (Stefanie Scott; Aurora Perrineau; Hayley Kiyoko) and their Aunt Bailey (Molly Ringwald). Everything changes overnight when she becomes Jem: the mysterious Internet singing sensation. A ruthless music executive (Juliette Lewis) is sure she can make Jem a global celebrity… but is that what Jerrica really wants? Join the inspirational, pop-music fueled journey as one girl learns the importance of creating her own destiny by listening to her own voice.
Starring Hana Mae Lee, Aubrey Peeples, Stefanie Scott
Director Jon M. Chu