Journey to Space
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Patrick Stewart's resonant voice narrates Journey To Space, which details the accomplishments of NASA's Space Shuttle Project (which ended in 2011), the International Space Station (in full operational mode with 15 countries working together), and the aspirations of men and women currently involved in new explorations of Mars and beyond. Both male and female astronauts enthusiastically describe their tasks and their experiences. The film introduces three specific missions and the machines that will enable them. Orion is a spacecraft designed to take humans into deep space and bring them back again. It's projected that a trip to Mars on Orion will take two and a half years. Olympus is an inflatable transport carrier that will house astronauts for long periods of time. The Space Launch System is a giant rocket that will transport both Orion and Olympus to deep space. Lofty goals and a wondrous vision of an enhanced future guide the movie and the program itself.
Starring Sir Patrick Stewart, Christian Gardner, Gabrielle Gardner
Director Mark Krenzien