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In the DMZ separating the Koreas, peace is as fragile as the wooden bridge linking North and South. When two North Korean soldiers are killed, supposedly by one South Korean soldier, it threatens to ignite a full-scale conflict. An impartial Swiss intelligence team is sent to investigate and they quickly find flaws in the official version of events. Why were 16 bullets found at the crime scene when the assassin’s gun housed only 15 rounds? It’s a race to uncover the truth as tensions rise at the most heavily armed border on Earth. From director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy). At the time of its initial release, it was one of the most expensive film productions in South Korean history. In addition to the immaculate production values and lensing, Myung Films spent close to $1 million to build an almost-exact replica of the Panmunjeom to house the production. It remains one of the more memorable and moving films of the “Korean New Wave”.
Starring Song Kang-ho, Lee Byeong-heon, Lee Yeong-ae
Director Park Chan-wook