Just Visiting
An American retelling of the 1993 French comedy "Les visiteurs." In the film, a French nobleman, count Thibault of Malfete and his servant Andre find themselves in modern-day Chicago - transported from the 12th century due to a wizard's flawed time-travel potion. Confused, lost and overwhelmed, they meet Thibault's descendant Julia Malfete and her scheming fiancé Hunter. Thibault and Andre soon realize they must quickly find a way back to their own time....otherwise Julia and Thibault's entire lineage will never exist. With their timeless values of honor and courage, Thibault and Andre wreak hilarious havoc as they foil diabolical plots in both the 12th and 21st centuries.
Starring Jean Reno, Christina Applegate, Christian Clavier
Director Jean-Marie Poiré