Kami ha Mikaeri wo Motomeru
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The protagonist, Tamogami (Muro Tsuyoshi), works for an event company and meets YouTuber Yuri (played by Kishi Yukino) at a matchmaking event. Feeling moved for her struggle to increase her video views, Tamogami selflessly offers to help her with her YouTube channel, almost like a "god" without expecting anything in return. Despite the challenges of gaining views, they both strive forward with a positive attitude and become good partners. Then, one day, Yuri is introduced to popular YouTubers (played by Yoshimura Kaito and Tanri) through Tamogami's colleague, Umekawa (played by Wakaba Ryuya). By collaborating on a daring "hands-on" video with them, Yuri suddenly becomes a sensation. She also meets the handsome designer Murakami Allen (played by Yanagi Shuntaro) and quickly becomes part of the popular YouTuber circle. On the other hand, Tamogami does his best to assist her, but their videos have a tacky production style. He is a good person but lacks artistic sense. Just as the story hints at the beginning of a romance, everything suddenly takes a "dramatic" turn!
Starring Muro Tsuyoshi, Yukino Kishii, Ryuya Wakaba
Director Keisuke Yoshida