Kensho at the Bedfellow
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Two-time Best Feature Film winner at six festivals, KENSHO is a visionary, existential drama and the extraordinary directorial debut of actor / director Brad Raider. The truly independent, micro-budget film is at the heart of the conscious-cinema movement and follows playwright turned doorman of The Bedfellow Hotel, Dan Bender (Raider), as he's reeling from the death of his little sister. In a sex-and-drug filled odyssey through the inner-connected, cultural phenomenon that is New York City, his desperate search for fulfillment reunites him with childhood love, Kate Darrow (Kaley Ronayne in a star-making performance), and ultimately, catalyzes a consciousness-expanding journey of hope and self-discovery. KENSHO is an inspiring and intensely personal work that illuminates profound and universal questions about the nature of fulfillment, relationships, social conscience, sex, death, life purpose, and the role that self-reflection plays on the global stage.
Starring Brad Raider, Kaley Ronayne, Steven Klein
Director Brad Raider