Kill the Habit
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Twenty-one-year-old Galia is in a bind: she has just killed her unscrupulous drug dealer, Lyle, and can't figure out how to escape from his other customers without them becoming suspicious. She calls on her long-suffering best friend Soti to help her out. The two find themselves stuck in Lyle's apartment with his fiery Latina wife, Cardamosa. Lucky for Galia, she hated Lyle's guts and is more than happy to help them get rid of the body – as long as they share his cash. Getting rid of the corpse is of very little interest to Galia, whose first priority is to get her brother Frank out of police custody following a botched burglary attempt, and to get them both home in time for their baby brother's bris. Soti's priority on the other hand, is to get Galia to quit using drugs RIGHT NOW. The three girls must find a way to cooperate long enough to avoid arrest and dump the body somewhere safe...
Starring Maria-Elena Laas, Joe Lia, Lili Mirojnick
Director Laura Neri