There are only a few iconic football stars being constantly admired across the globe for their art of handling a ball and controlling a game, winning basically all the relevant titles. There are a hand full of players in each generation and Toni Kroos is one of them. The feature documentary KROOS produced by Emmy Award winning Producer Leopold Hoesch follows Toni’s path from small town Greifswald in eastern Germany to the Capital of world Football Real Madrid. The film provides unseen images of the life of this exceptional athlete and very special individual. It shows him and his teams winning basically every possible Football title several times, including four times the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA World Cup, LaLiga, La Copa and Die Bundesliga. For KROOS, the award winning director Manfred Oldenburg was granted unprecedented behind the scene access to the closed-off world of international football, featuring exclusive footage and interviews with sports icons like Zinédine Zidane, Pep Guardiola, Luka Modrić and Sergio Ramos. Long serving Club presidents Florentino Pérez and Uli Hoeneß open the doors of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, celebrity fan Robbie Williams gives his explanations of the “incredible Kroos”, as do publicist and philosopher Wolfram Eilenberger and famous German football expert Marcel Reif. KROOS provides an intimate and highly entertaining insight into the extraordinary life of a professional football player, creator of a charity foundation and, above all, family man. The combination of all three topics is the parenthesis of Toni Kroos’ life of sharing and winning.
Starring Toni Kroos, Jessica Kroos, Felix Kroos
Director Manfred Oldenburg