Land of 1,000 Dreams
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As with any good epic, herein lies the promise of larger-than-life experiences, heroics, and twists & turns as the fantasy unfolds. “Land Of 1000 Dreams” is the 14th film in the Storm Show series, which began over a decade ago with a camera and a dream of documenting Jackson Hole’s unrivaled terrain and risk-taking athletes. Teaming up once again with the Full Room Productions crew, Storm Show’s 2014 ski/ride/adrenaline film promises to be its most adventurous undertaking to date, breaking off larger-than-life lines and first descents from the Jackson Hole backcountry and beyond. Highlights include Derek Depiero’s first free-ski of the formidable ‘G-String,’ a 500-foot hourglass couloir with a mandatory 60+-foot air in the middle, often dreamed of but never attempted. Veteran producer and snowboarder Darrell Miller revisits the Billygoat Couloir, a.k.a. Lightning Bolt, first ridden in 2003 but never repeated, until now. Ripping fem-shredders Kelly Halpin & Elizabeth Koutrelakos shows us how it’s done on the steeps of Cody Peak, and ski legend Jeff Leger continues his death defying swan dives off of the biggest cliffs that Jackson Hole has to offer. Get your ski-flick fix and dream BIG with Storm Show’s 2014 film, “Land Of 1000 Dreams!”
Starring Derek Depiero, Ryan Halverson, Rob Kingwill
Director Darrell Miller, Ryan Halverson