Last Letter
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There are fidgety encounters, like there are uncomplicated goodbyes. All Yuen Chi Nam left behind on the morning of her departure from the physical world was a letter and an invitation to a school reunion. Attending the reunion in lieu of her late elder sister, Chi Wah accidentally ran into Wan Chuen, her crush of her youth. And thus began Chi Wah's letter correspondences to Wan Chuen, without leaving a return address, relaying all and sundry about her daily life, akin to a walk down the memory lane to the times of her youth where something was amiss. What Chi Wah did not expect was the misunderstanding this correspondence would cause her husband, followed by their disconcerting marital relation. The letters sent by Wan Chuen to what he remembered to be Chi Nam's home address landed in the hands of her daughter, who continued the correspondence in search of the bits and pieces of her mother's youth. As old memories are evoked to a present time of reshuffled relationships, as correspondences travel through different contexts and times, unveiled was the intricate story among the trio, compelling them to make peace with the remorse and heartbreak of the past to restore peace of mind.
Starring Xun Zhou, Qin Hao, Zi-feng Zhang
Director Shunji Iwai