Last Weekend
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Patricia Clarkson powers this humorous drama about Celia, an aging matriarch who wants everyone to gather one last time at the family's gorgeous Lake Tahoe manor and reminisce before she puts it on the market. However, her sons are too preoccupied with their own busy lives and struggling relationships for any nostalgia, and the dream of a splendid Labor Day weekend dies quickly in a whirlwind of contention, crisis and family dysfunction. Set in the infamous Hurricane Bay house of George Stevens' 1951 melodrama A Place In The Sun, where Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift once caused fireworks, Last Weekend gracefully captures the soulful transformation in Celia as she is forced to let go of her fantasy and attend to the harsh reality brought on by a sudden emergency.
Starring Patricia Clarkson, Chris Mulkey, Zachary Booth
Director Tom Dolby, Tom Williams