Late Phases: Night of the Lone Wolf
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Don’t go quietly into that good night. That’s the adage for Ambrose (Nick Damici), a recent widower and blind Vietnam veteran who has been shuffled off by his contemptuous son into the tranquil retirement community of Crescent Bay. With only his seeing eye dog, Shadow, for company, he enters a society of alienated old folk and unfulfilled dreams in an aged care facility so bland the residents might as well be walking dead. But it’s not zombies that terrorize this community. A spate of monthly deaths has been blamed, according to the indifferent police department, on animal attacks. Forgetful elderly citizens have been too absent minded to lock their doors is the official word. But when a neighbour is slaughtered and his dog is attacked Ambrose soon realises that with each full moon a werewolf preys on the village and it’s now up to him to stop it. From a master of the spooky quest Adrian Garcia Bogliano, Late Phases is by turns a moody, amusing and an exhilarating account of maintaining one’s dignity in the twilight - in spite of everything.
Starring Nick Damici, Ethan Embry, Lance Guest
Director Adrián García Bogliano