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From the acclaimed creators of the Chain Reaction series and SEVENVISION comes a progressive and soulful mountain bike adventure that shows the deeper you get involved with your passion, the smaller your world becomes...LATITUDES. Four time Emmy Award winning producer/director, Don Hampton and crew have been spanning the globe to capture every angle in pristine high definition. Latitudes features the usual cast of characters from the DH Productions stable, such as Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Lars Tribus, Kyle Ebbett, Dave Smutok, as well as other top athletes that are shaping the next generation of mountain biking, Including Joe Perrizo’s record breaking 63 foot dirt to dirt backflip. Powered by a sensational soundtrack,latitudes showcases the sessions with our athletes from stunning locations from around the world, such as the French Alps, Puerto Rico, Canary Islands, Utah, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Mexico, California and more.
Starring Aaron Chase, Jeff Lenosky, Lars Tribus
Director Don Hampton