Laurel & Hardy: The Fixer Uppers
Greeting card salesmen help a customer who hopes to arouse the jealousy of her husband, a French artist who’s been neglecting her. This short was a reworking of the early Laurel & Hardy silent, SLIPPING WIVES. One of the gag writers was future Warner Bros. cartoon director Frank Tashlin, who eventually piloted eight movies with Jerry Lewis. Directed by Charley Rogers. With dastardly, fire-and-brimstone Charles Middleton, ever-popular Mae Busch, and perpetually plastered Arthur Housman. He’d recently appeared in a superior Todd-Kelly short, DONE IN OIL, shot on the same apartment set, decorated with the same polar bear skin borrowed from Roach’s office and also the same painting of Patsy Kelly!
Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Mae Busch
Director Charles Rogers