Lava Bombs - Truths Behind the Volcano
Lava Bombs captures the explosive stories behind the crisis and response to the 2021 eruption of Tajogaite volcano in La Palma. We reveal the heavy impact of this major disaster through the voices of the affected people and emergency managers, scientists and politicians as well as showcasing spectacular 4K footage of the volcano. The pressures of managing a disaster of this scale in the glare of the world's media is brought into sharp relief, as is the impact on the thousands of citizens evacuated from their homes. The ongoing disaster in La Palma is being compounded by a man-made catastrophe as the island struggles to find its way through reconstruction. Themes of communication, trust and missteps are analysed as we look towards lessons learned for future emergencies of all kinds, and deliver hope for the future of the Isla Bonita.
Starring Clive Oppenheimer, María José Blanco, Fransisco Moreno Garcia
Director Alexander Whittle