Let There Be Light
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Nuclear fusion is the holy grail of energy. It’s clean, abundant, and frustratingly out of reach. Obsession, fraud, and failure have destroyed many scientific careers in the world of fusion. But decades of setbacks have not stopped people from trying. The world’s richest countries are pooling resources to build ITER, the most expensive scientific experiment ever. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are also racing to create fusion, only they want to do it much faster and cheaper. All of them dream of the day when mankind has access to unlimited, clean energy. Following the trail of environmental and scientific documentaries like AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH or PARTICLE FEVER, LET THERE BE LIGHT is a fact-based, science-savvy journey dedicated to explaining complex ideas to a large audience, and contributing to the understanding of an ambitious and passionate scientific endeavour, destined to help mankind. Are these visionary scientists on the cusp of a major breakthrough, or lost on an impossible quest?
Starring Mark Henderson, Jeffrey Harris, Michel Laberge
Director Mila Aung-Thwin, Van Royko