Lie Low
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Lie Low follows Parnell, a 16 year old boy from a tough working class estate in a South East England coastal town. After witnessing a fight that ends in the death of a young man, he is spirited away by his nervous mother Maggie. They escape to the French countryside where they take refuge with his estranged sister, Esme and her boyfriend Alfie. There, Parnell strikes up an unlikely relationship with Alfie’s father Bill, an eccentric self-appointed Shaman, who connects with him when no one else can seem to. The family are forced to face the demons of their past while demons of the present threaten to catch up to them in the shape of John Savory; the brother of a murdered young man. As John beats a bloody path towards the family, Parnell must come to terms with his trauma and question his own accountability.
Starring Aaron Thomas Ward, Elina Saleh, Debra Baker
Director Jamie Noel