Liquid Vinyl
Crowds were moved to ecstasy as the first superstar DJs emerged out of the gay, underground New York City club scene in the '80s. The cult of the DJ and dance music traversed the globe, revolutionizing the dance floor with electrifying sounds, pumping beats and elevating crescendos - inspiring all in its path to dance with unabated joy. Suddenly DJs were playing to crowds in the thousands and finally to over 1.5 million at the infamous Love Parade in Berlin. Liquid Vinyl brings together the DJs, the people behind the scene and the dancers from the floor that all ultimately share in the magic of the music. It's not just about glow sticks and the grinding beat, but a whole culture defined by their love of dance music and an artist that can take a box full of records, mix them together and literally spin the dancer into oblivion.
Starring Frankie Knuckles, Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox
Director Taylor Neary