Loaded Guns
Action movie maestro Fernando Di Leo ('Caliber 9') directs another wildly entertaining crime film with 'Loaded Guns' (Colpo in canna), starring the incomparable Ursula Andress ('Dr. No', 'Casino Royale'). Andress plays Nora, a stewardess who finds herself in the center of a gang war in Naples. If anyone can undermine an ancient mob blood feud and come out on top, it’s the effortlessly clever, sexy and downright devious Nora, played with verve by the stunning Andress. More of an action-comedy than the gritty cop films Di Leo was known for, Loaded Guns shows that Di Leo was more than a one-trick pony.
Starring Ursula Andress, Woody Strode, Marc Porel
Director Fernando Di Leo