London Voodoo
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The classic award-winning supernatural thriller about an American family that relocates to London and uncovers an ancient voodoo burial site in their basement. Housewife Sarah (Sara Stewart) becomes possessed by the spirit of an African warrior thatís been dormant beneath the Victorian house. Workaholic husband Lincoln (Doug Cockle) doesnít recognize the changes in his wife until itís almost too late; by which time he must enlist the help of local voodoo followers to exorcise her. Add to the mix a devious, sexy au pair (Vonda Barnes) who plans to break up the marriage and turn their young baby against her mother and you have an original paranormal romance. London Voodoo tells us that true love is only possible with sacrifice.
Starring Sara Stewart, Doug Cockle, Sven-Bertil Taube
Director Robert Pratten