Lonely Castle in the Mirror
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LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR is based on the same-named Japanese manga comic and novel by illustrator Tomo Taketomi and author Mizuki Tsujimura, respectively. Shy, quiet Kokoro (voiced by Ami Touma in the original Japanese and Micah Lin for the English dub) refuses to go to school, where she's been mercilessly bullied and threatened by a group of mean girls. One day at home, her full-length mirror starts to shimmer and shine, and she steps through it. She finds herself in a titular castle, where she meets six other kids who've been gathered by a creepily masked girl who calls herself the Wolf Queen. The Wolf Queen explains the rules: The students can visit the castle only between 9 and 5, and if anyone overstays, they -- and any visitors there at the same time -- will be eaten by a killer wolf. On the bright side, the students can also look for a secret key that unlocks exactly one wish for one of them, but if they do, then they'll all wake up with no memory of their time at the castle together.
Starring Ami Toma, Takumi Kitamura, Sakura Kiryu
Director Keiichi Hara