Looking for Lenny
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Looking for Lenny is an in-depth documentary that uses controversial comic, Lenny Bruce's legacy to explore the present condition of the fear of words and expression. Because of his provocative subject matter, Bruce was arrested and charged with obscenity inmultiple cities. He spent much of his life struggling through court battles and public harassment, until he died at age 39 of a morphine overdose. "Looking for Lenny" tells the story of Bruce's life, accompanied by interviews with comedy legends, politicians,and celebrity friends of Lenny Bruce. The film explores the fear of offense and the subsequent rise of political correctness in America. As censorship becomes more rigid and prevalent, we are effectively at risk of losing one of the greatest American civil liberties: the freedom of speech.
Starring Richard Lewis, Christopher Titus, Roseanne Barr
Director Elan Gale